Window Treatments

“Dress” your room while creating an extraordinary view to the outside world….

Let the sun shine in… or not! You decide exactly how you want the light (and heat!) to enter your room by adding the perfect finishing touch to any space with your window treatments from Floor to Ceiling.

At Floor to Ceiling our brands of window treatments offer you options that will combine functionality with style. Each brand has extensive color palettes, exquisite textures and beautiful fabrics to choose from. Our professional staff will take the time to show you all your different options, while taking into account styles that will fit with your room and budget!

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Design Considerations when choosing your new Window Treatments

The two most important things to consider when selecting window treatments are function and design.

A well-designed window treatment suits not only the window, but also harmonizes with the room. Ask yourself what feeling or mood you want to create in the rooms. The mood of a room can be soft and elegant, casual and comfortable, classic and traditional or clean and contemporary. The activities that will take place in the room will usually determine the mood or feeling you want the room to evoke.

You should also consider the architectural style of the window and how they should scale with the room itself and with its furnishings.


When selecting colors for windows think about what effect you want to create. If you want the window to add drama and be a focal point, use contrasting colors to the wall color. On the other hand, if you want to make the room look larger, blend or coordinate the window and wall colors.

If you are comfortable with color, use it! There are a multitude of color choices. Consider some fun colors for children’s bedrooms or play rooms.

Neutral colors provide longevity and flexibility. These colors, whether black, white, gray, brown, beige, or cream create the perfect rooms in which to live and relax. Because window treatments become permanent fixtures in a home, it is important to select a color that will be easy to live with for a long time or a color that will appeal to future homeowners if selling the home is a possibility in the future. Neutral colors are timeless and allow for the other, more easily replaceable, design elements to change as needed, such as pillows on a sofa, area rugs, paint and accessories.

The color of window treatments not only plays a role on the interior of a home, but also on the exterior. Be sure to examine the backside of the window treatments so you will know how they look on the outside of your home. Some window treatments offer white backings but others do not.


Think of fabrics and surfaces that have a lot of texture, such as berber, stone, brick, corduroy, basketry or pottery. This feeling is more casual. If you want to dress up a room, introduce smooth, sleek or shiny. If you want a more casual atmosphere, introduce texture. Many people who like the look of softer draperies may not have considered utilizing both hard window treatments and draperies. Blinds can give you optimum light control that you cannot achieve with draperies. You might want to think about using hard window treatments to retain the window’s function and complement it with a soft treatment for design.

There are many different ways to incorporate hard and soft window treatments to create beautiful windows.

Nothing pulls the room together like custom window treatments.

Let our experienced design staff will help you find exactly what you’re looking for… and more!

Caring for your Window Treatments

Water, solvents or abrasive cleaners should not be used on wood blinds or shutters.

The best way to remove dust or debris from hard to reach areas on honeycomb, window shades and shadings is by using a hair dryer on a cool setting or compressed air purchased from an office supply store.

Bathtub cleaning or water immersion, ultrasonic cleaning, injection or extraction cleaning and steam cleaning are all specialized professional cleaning treatments. Power washing is not.

Many aluminum and vertical vinyl blinds are specially treated to guard against static electricity and dust. If not, the slats can be wiped with anti-static dryer sheets.

It is best to clean alternative wood blinds and shutters with a soft damp cloth.

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